Attitudes to quality

OJM defines high quality as a core competence. The customer's satisfaction expectations must be a priority. OJM is measured by their customers on both quality and security of supply. Routines are maintained and KPIs which measure realised results against the set goals and the organisation works constantly and systematically with this in our daily work.

In our quality manual, OJM's procedures are described, from when the items arrive at the factory until they are delivered to the customer. This includes an initial check, frequency check during production as well as a final check.

At the start-up of new products, VPC (Verification of Product Conformance) measurements are prepared, which are stored in our SPC system.


  • to enrsure that the work is performed so there is no danger of accidents for the personnel, machinery or tools
  • to ensure that the organisation knows and complies with the set goals and policies
  • to ensure that delivery times are kept to and that the quality of the product and associated documentation complies with the requirements made
  • to process non-conformities systematically, effectively and to document them and in doing so learn from the non-conformities and simultaneously prevent repetitions
  • to develop and adapt the employees' qualifications according to the company's needs through targeted training

ISO 9001

Since 2001, OJM has been certified according to the ISO 9001 standard. This ensures our customers that quality is always a priority at OJM
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